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3D Created artworks & videos. An overview.

Hightlights of some of the 3D (CGI) Designs I’ve created over the past years.

in 2019/2020 I’ve created more digital content than ever before. It all started with video editing with After Effects into Photshop and in the end most software of what Adobe CC has to offer. The latest skill asset I’ve adopted is 3D Design. I’ve decided to dedicate a page solely to CGI (Computer Generated Images), because (in my opinion) this is the future. Enjoy some of the work I’ve created in the past and let’s work in the present!

We set up marketing strategy, create a new set of high quality multi-channel visual assets and set up guidelines that were all gathered in a concise brandbook.

Success was not only based on creating the most varied and visually stimulating cache of assets but also coordinating across numerous internal and external stakeholder groups; Along the way MvT Studio created strong partnerships with creative directors, agencies and other cross-functional teams to define the creative look and feel of the event—telling a ‘story’ through static artwork, motion, graphics and video elements. Garnering an extremely deep understanding of the event strategy was also inherent to the success as well.

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