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M A R T I N.

Martin is an hands-on and highly versatile Creative Director with 16+ years proven experience on brand and agency side, leading 360 integrated marketing campaigns from strategy to concept-pitch through production for global brands, events and international artists.

➤ Key Achievements:

》Repositioned and Branded the FIBA Basketball 3×3 World Championship, gaining Olympic recognition the next year. 🏀
》Set-up and lead a dedicated in-house studio for Nike.
》Produced 50+ marketing campaigns for movies & shows at Netflix (Print, Digital, AV).
》Award winning campaigns Desperados ‘we are the party’ and ‘tear it up’.
》Developed the new Nike Membership program, including proposition, strategy and ecosystem refresh.
》Educated 1000+ South-American young professionals, closing the skill gap with EU.
》Netflix 360 brand marketing campaign in Africa, reaching growth under mobile phone owners.
》Successfully founded and lead Amsterdam based agency, M Studio.
》Worked with over 60 brands & agencies.
》Helped win over 40 pitches.
》Set-up and lead 3 studios.

》Awarded best athlete (Support, Progress, Personality) in my gym. I love sports 😄.

➤ Brands & Agencies:

》Warner Music
》Tiffany & Co
》We Are Pi
》Oliver Agency
》Kobie Marketing
》Paula’s Choice
》Studio Zelden
》Pols Potten
》House Of Sports
》Diabetes Fonds
》Saxion Hogeschool

➤ Fields:

》Spatial (Event & Retail) Design.
》Concept Development.
》Branding & Identity.
》Creative Marketing Production (Digital, Art & Print, AV).
》Digital Ecosystems.
》Campaign Development.
》Loyalty Marketing
》3D Design & Motion.

➤ Industries:


➤ Software / Tools:

》Octane render
》After effects
》Premiere Pro
》Microsoft Office

➤ About:

16+ years creative experience on both brand and agency side, building successful and collaborative creative teams, launching campaigns, establishing and maintaining an extensive network of high-profile clientele, freelancers and vendors while staying up-to-date with technological and marketing trends to present cutting-edge creative solutions and campaigns.

Speak the language of creatives, marketing professionals, business strategists and developers. Mentor. Creative Thinker. People person. Self-Starter. Aesthete.



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