CTM & VOSOUND Digital Direction and Creation

CTM is één van de grootste onafhankelijke entertainmentbedrijven van Europa, met name gespecialiseerd op het gebied van music publishing, management, records en TV-producties.

Platenmaatschappij Vosound Records is in het voorjaar van 2012 opgericht door Jan Smit en Volendam Music. Na de opname van een nieuw album werd al snel besloten dat dit album, getiteld Vrienden, tevens de eerste release zou zijn op een eigen platenlabel: Vosound Records. De distributie van de muziek die Vosound Records uitbrengt, werd ondergebracht bij Heartselling.


Date: 2017 – Ongoing
Role: Creative Designer and Art Director
Location: Hilversum

I am responsible for leading the art department independently and with the team, developing strategies, fostering client (artists) relationships, preparing and presenting pitches, and contributing to new design ideas. I have the lead in conceptualisation and execution of the creative  ‘solutions’, working closely with the brand managers to develop ideas and creative storytelling.

Portfolio 006 – Diabetes Fonds

Diabetes Fonds  Digital Strategy & Design

Het Diabetes Fonds is een Nederlandse stichting die zich actief inzet om diabetes mellitus en daardoor veroorzaakte complicaties te voorkomen en te genezen. Ook draagt het Diabetes Fonds bij aan een betere kwaliteit van leven voor mensen met diabetes. 

Het Diabetes Fonds is opgericht in 1978. Sindsdien zijn diverse wetenschappelijke doorbraken bereikt met internationale impact, die de opsporing en behandeling van diabetes hebben verbeterd en die ook bijdragen aan genezende therapieën in de toekomst

Date: 2018 and present
Client: Diabetes Fonds
Role: Strategist & Creative 3D Designer
Location: Amersfoort

I was responsible for setting up new digital campaigns that are in line with the brand of Diabetes Fonds. This is done in collaboration with their in-house talents, where I supervise the process. In addition: I manage the production of projects with internal teams, agency partners, and external production companies.

Finished campaigns:
– de Nationale Suiker Challenge
– Ontsuikerringscampagne
– Hoe Zoet Is Jouw Koelkast?
– Suiker Challange Magazine (Design, Concept and execution. Circulation +- 50.000)
– Minder Suiker. 

The magazine can be downloaded here: 

Thuissuikers Campaign:



KNVB x Adecco Brand Identity

Sinds 2000 is Adecco Nederland actief in de voetbalwereld. Als HR-partner heeft Adecco als doel voetbalminnend Nederland te laten zien dat zij de juiste match leggen tussen werknemer en werkgever.

Adecco was in het seizoen 2012/’13 de medeoprichter van het KNVB Talent Team. Dit maatschappelijke project biedt studenten de mogelijkheid om zich via voetbalgerelateerde stages voor te bereiden op hun professionele toekomst. Sinds 2019 is Adecco met hun activatie Man of the Match een nieuwe weg ingeslagen.

Date: 2018
Client: KNVB and Adecco
Role: Creative Designer / Art Director
Location: Zeist


I was responsible for creating compelling, imaginative, and performance-driving photography, graphic, and video content for multi-channel (360) campaigns. Collaborate with the Marketing and Merchandising teams and be strategic in generating successful, high-performing and brand-defining visual assets. Manage and mentor high-potential designers on their in-house. Creative team, reviewing and approving work at the key stages of each project.

Portfolio 007 – Rolex

Rolex Motion and 3D Designer

Behind the Rolex crown is a way of thinking about our place in the world and an aspiration to contribute. We call this perpetual spirit. 

It is based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, in continuous improvement and lasting excellence, in always pushing the boundaries and taking the long-term view. Our watches are built to last. So is our contribution to future generations.

Date: 2018 and present
Client: Rolex
Role: Creative Producer / 3D Designer
Location: Amsterdam

My responsibility was to create stills and high quality advertising videos that are in line with the marketing strategy for Rolex in 2018. Mostly done by converting static key-art into engaging motion assets.

In addition, I solely created a new digital advertising video that were displayed in their stores world-wide. The task I had was to find a new way in portraying Rolex using a still 3D render.

Portfolio 001 – FIBA

Play Video


Corporate identity and strategy within a dynamic  international sport industry

We’ve teamed up with House of Sports and TIG Sports to collectively organize the FIBA 3×3 World Cup in collaboration with FIBA, the NBB and the Municipality of Amsterdam. In the summer of 2019, the FIBA 3×3 World Championship took place on the iconic Museumplein in the heart of Amsterdam. With the ultimate combination of top sport and entertainment, it was a true spectacle for everyone..

We set up marketing strategy, create a new set of high quality multi-channel visual assets and set up guidelines that were all gathered in a concise brandbook.

Success was not only based on creating the most varied and visually stimulating cache of assets but also coordinating across numerous internal and external stakeholder groups; Along the way MvT Studio created strong partnerships with creative directors, agencies and other cross-functional teams to define the creative look and feel of the event—telling a ‘story’ through static artwork, motion, graphics and video elements. Garnering an extremely deep understanding of the event strategy was also inherent to the success as well.

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