Paula’s Choice

Paula's Choice Art Director / Creative Designer

Paula’s Choice Skincare is Paula’s innovative brand. With 20 bestsellers to her name and as the founder of Beautypedia, she can rightly be called a beauty expert. Paula’s Choice skincare range consists of effective, complete skincare routines with high concentrations of active ingredients. Honesty, transparency and scientifically proven effective ingredients form the basis for this.

Date:  Aug 2016 – Mar 2019
Client: Paula’s Choice
Role: Art Director / (3D) Graphic Designer
Location: Amersfoort

Truth in beauty.

Paula’s Choice, a global skincare brand that now has more than 300 skincare products, came to us after noting that times had changed and the brand had lost its voice.

We’ve strategically moved the brand to address the discerning customer who wants radical results – without the high price or the marketing hype. We then completely redesigned the brand’s identity and marketing approach, including the development of a full packaging overhaul that makes shopping easy.

Portfolio 11 – Sven Kramer

Sven Kramer Branding

Sven Kramer domineert al jarenlang de schaatssport. De meervoudig Europees- en Wereldkampioen beleeft tijdens de Olympische Spelen van 2010 in Vancouver één van zijn hoogtepunten door voor het eerst Olympisch kampioen te worden op de 5 km. In totaal bekroonde Sven zich vier keer tot Olympisch kampioen waarvan drie Olympische Spelen achterelkaar op de 5 km. Sven is een ultieme professional. Tot in de kleinste details past hij zijn leven aan om het beste uit zichzelf te halen en te winnen. Sven zet alles op alles om zijn doelen te bereiken. Hij is gepassioneerd, perfectionistisch, gevat en heel begaan met zijn omgeving.

Date: 2019
Client: Sven Kramer
Role: Art Direction, Digital Strategy and Designer
Location: Oudekerk a/d Amstel

I had the creative lead over creating the sports athlete ‘Sven Kramer’ into a brand; this includes:

Brand strategy, including the setting of style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision and value proposition for short as well as long term.

Visual Identity creation; logo and brandbook.

And finally creating promotional social media templates to establish and maintain product branding. This was all done in collaboration with House of Sports.

Zuidas Run

Zuidas Run A’dam

‘From Suit to Shirt’. 

On Friday, September 28, the 10th edition of the Zuidas Run finished with the theme: “From Suit to Shirt”, in which the tailored suits of the Zuidas were literally exchanged for running shirts. A unique edition full of sportsmanship, network and entertainment on Gustav Mahlerplein.


As a digital producer & design lead, it was my responsibility to take the lead and set the course for the future strategy. There was a great emphasis on the digital strategy of the Zuidas run. In addition to take lead in the the visual interpretation, it was also my task to make concrete and feasible plans that help to realize the (business) objectives of the Zuidas run.

Assets created:



A Unique Visual Experience Portraying Netflix in everyday life

Everyday Integration Visual Campaign
Create a visually compelling campaign showcasing how Netflix seamlessly integrates into the everyday lives of people in the Netherlands. The campaign aims to highlight diverse usage scenarios, emphasizing the convenience, variety, and cultural relevance of Netflix in Dutch households focused in key cities.


My responsibility was to take creative lead on the design, development and production of visualizing of a high-quality story that focused on the presence of Netflix in the every day life in The Netherlands. 

Platforms: Social, Streaming, Outdoor, Print, Netflix Product

Software: Cinema4D – Octane Render – Photoshop – Maya- Marvelous Designer – Fusion

Typical-Dutch-Day 675x675-2

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Connecting the employees of Rituals Worldwide

By telling stories through video and static imagery 

Since 2019 I have worked on a multitude of projects for Rituals. From static imagery and motion graphics to videography and branding. With one goal: Connecting the millions of employees and customers, through global and local brand events, integrated marketing campaigns and experiential concepts. 

Creative Fields:
Visual Concepting
Static Design
Motion Graphics
Pitch Deck Creation
Short & Long form Video
Product Design
Campaign Development
Store Activations
On-site production lead

We create a variety of motion and video assets for Rituals internal held events. We direct, shoot, animate and sound design everything. We also edit existing footage if the events are held globally.

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Pols Potten

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Reimagining a household name.

Pols Potten wanted something new, funny, and with a long lasting impression. I lead produced 10 marketing videos for their the Maison and Objet Fair in Paris and art directed their new photography database. Turning their best selling items in visual stories that makes a lasting and funny impression. The creation of these videos includes the definition of the project scope, level of effort, and project plan plus create staffing and resourcing requests based on the campaigns. We’ve managed all assets attached to the project and seen it through to the final delivery. We also designed the stand in collaboration with a third party.

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In the end we initiated and lead all project meetings, establish clear goals and next steps for set up team of freelancers and in-house talents. We managed the vendors and talent on assigned projects, create PO’s, and monitor actual vs budgeted costs. In short: Full project management delivery.

They videos were programmed to loop perfectly, whilst making sure that only 1 LED screen would ‘move’

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Product Design and Packaging [2D and 3D]

Brand Design done right.

Brand Packaging & Experiential campaigns that connect with the consumer

Brand packaging and experiential designs create a unique and memorable customer experience, setting your brand apart from competitors and fostering a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Over the years I have designed products and experiential experiences for several brand including Heineken, Ahold and Hema. Every product tells a different story that is finetuned for the end consumer. Below are some of the products and experiences I’ve lead designer / created. 

From 2D illustrations to photorealistic 3D motion graphics. I create and turn flat images into hyper realistic 3D experiences. Advantage: 3D experiences can be made as soon as the product illustration is complete.

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Desperados x We Are The Party

Creative Campaign & on-offline assets for Heinekens TQ flavoured beer brand: Desperados.

In collaboration with We Are Pi we visually restyled Desperados ensuring the brand is future proof. We created a wide range of (digital) assets including: 

Out Of Home (OOH) / Print
3D Animation/Static Imagery (bespoke)
Social Media Assets (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Website Specific)
2D Motion (GIF/H264/4K)

Ready. Set. Drink. (5)

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