We Are The Party

Client: Heineken           Market: Global          Role: Lead Creative


Promoting Desperados latest global integrated campaign ‘We Are The Party’.



HEINEKEN’S TQ beer brand, Desperados, launched a new integrated global marketing campaign that brings to life the beers unique party spirit in a disruptive way to kickstart their new identity and packaging reboot. The campaign and branding are influenced by Desperados’ daring heritage that continues to push the boundaries of wild experimentation.

As the lead creative I was tasked to develop best-in-class and end to end ideation and creation of assets for selected social, OOH and DOOH campaigns.

Netflix Talent Gift Packaging

Client: NETFLIX           Market: Global          Role: Creative Director (Art & Design)


Celebrating Netflix talent worldwide through a bespoke gifting experience

Netflix celebrates it’s movie & film talent through a premium gift experience that they receive on special occasions. The Netflix x Cubitts gift box sits in a bespoke case and includes several pieces. Everything you see is tailor made, from 2D concepting and sketching through full 3D wireframing, prototyping, production and printing. All of the design are created by me, flat, 3D etc, including the bespoke 3D artwork printed on the sunglasses cloth

(Designed under my artist alias Artybymartie)


Client: NIKE           Market: EMEA – Global          Role: Creative Director

The NIKE Membership Ecosystem

Helping Nike develop a new Membership program through a rebranding & redesign of all digital & in-store touch points.

Nike Membership

Nike Membership supports athletes* around the world through daily inspiration and information to help everyone stay active, healthy and feel their best.

 Approximately 250 million Members are part of the Membership program..

The Membership can be accessed through the digital & in-store ecosystem: Nike.Com, Nike APP, NRC/NTC, Lifecycle Moments, 365, In-store, and Member-gated content/campaigns for example ‘Member Days’.

Once your a member, Members get access to exclusive benefits.

Why a new program?

Currently Nike Membership and its member benefits are being under utilized.

To reach Nikes ambitious growth targets set in 2025, Nike Membership needs to drive more growth & demand.

To enable this Nike Memberships needs to play a more active part in their daily live

Working on Nike Membership

  • Joined as a Creative Director to reach Nike’s 2025 growth targets set for Nike Membership
  • Overall improving the Membership experience & program
  • First hire, scaled to 10+
  • Nike Marketing & Creative teams are globally distributed
  • 1-week roadmap alignment session every quarter for Leads 
  • Roadmap alignment on a global level, spanning the entire C-level of EMEA and Nike Global
  • Lead driver for the new Nike’s membership design system with weekly syncs Nike Brand Creative (Zang/Jonny) + Member Growth (Ben) & Member Growth Marketing (Fabio).
  • Key Themes: User research, Strategy, Prototyping, UI design, Design Systems, Wireframing, Flowcharts, Copy, Design Elements, FIGMA Templates
  • Built and maintained a new Membership program
  • Working agile & cross-departmental including vendors


  • Team resourcing & planning
  • Roadmap & Backlog
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Lead strategy, UI, Copy.
  • Brand Guardian Membership
  • Conduct & Plan usability
  • POD-Testing new initiatives


  • 1x Creative Director
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 2x Junior Copywriter (Hybrid)
  • 1x Senior Copywriter (Kobie)
  • 1x Corporate Designer (Kobie)
  • 1x UI/UX Designer
  • 1x Senior Designer
  • 1x Motion Designer (Freelance)
  • 2x Loyalty Experts (Kobie) 
  • 1x Strategist (Kobie)


    (Full case study available HERE. PW Protected, reach out)

    Recognizing the complexity of this project, I’ve strategically turned to adopting several frameworks including the ‘Double Diamond Framework’ & agile (kanban) light framework driving content (UI + Copy) production. These frameworks proved to be an excellent fit due to its emphasis and thorough exploration, analysis and iterative refinement depending on what is looked at (FE the member benefits, newsletter, App benefit utilization etc).

    After extensive market and user research (in collaboration with W+K using task analysis, usability expert review, jobs-to-be-done analysis, and user research), the development of the marketing strategy and the creation of the new Nike Membership Global brand book (See full case study) I continued by leading the refresh of all the Nike ecosystem touch points + Membership imagery database:

    Digital Ecosystem:
    Nike App
    NRC & NTC
    – Lifecycle Moments 
    – 365 comms
    – Member-led campaigns & activations

    Instore Ecosytem:
    – In-store Signage (Print + Digital)
    – Experiential designs flagship stores: Berlin, Paris, London.
    – Store Signage flow


    • Nike Digital Ecosystem redesign and refresh, tailored to the needs of the member for making daily (holistic) progress.
    • Increase in growth, demand & retention.
    • Retention increase Membership funnel & redesigned UI.
    • Decrease churn in onboarding process.
    • New Brand book (200+ pages) that drives all marketing content for Nike Marketing, enabling a clear, consistent and tangible way of communicating with its Members across all of the Nike ecosystem.
    • Including redesigned FIGMA templates.
    • Newsletter with a increased click through rate and opening rates

    Refreshing the Nike Membership Ecosystem: 

    Workflow / design process


    Using a MIRO Board to prototype flows, strategize, creating a feedback loop with devs, marketing and UI design team to iterate.


    Defined the user flow and started wireframing the spreadsheet content. This led to further iterations on the content.


    I used the newly created design system for the UI designs. Along the way I updated the system with new patterns.


    Presented the latest designs through presentations with C-level executives, Member Growth & Marketing and Members to get feedback on our redesigned touch points.

    In general I lead and am part of the entire lifecycle experience, from user needs, conceptualization & ideation, Prototyping & Validation, Implementation Guidance to continuous improvement. Having a hands-on approach from the initial user research phase, through conceptualization and validation, to guiding the implementation of designs. Making sure it looks great while being functional and user friendly, aligning with the members expectations and requirements.

    Data Driven Decision Making 

    Based on our first designs

    Used Nike’s internal data/IT department to capture user behaviour across the ecosystem.

    Included completion rate, drop-offs, churn rate, source, language, gender, country, and age.

    Launched designs first and data helped on decision making for further design translations.

    Combined with user feedback captured from feedback loops through presentations and POD-tests

    Key Learnings

    Strategy must be done before moving towards creative direction

    Design metrics early to focus on user & product/growth goals

    Make sure to source the right talent

    Find subject experts

    Any tool, even spreadsheets, can be used to prototype an experience

    Using summits and events to connect with the audience

    TOV and messaging that match members search intent for increase organic search and click through optimization

    Working on physical and online products requires creativity and continuous iteration

    Hardware & software play completely different time scales and processes but coordination is possible with effort


    Beschermd: Nike

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