Pols Potten x  Global Campaign

Clear, innovative, tongue-in-cheek, every pols potten product shows its Dutch roots. It’s these very same qualities that make our products feel right at home anywhere in the world. Whether it is in a shop window, a hotel or your very own home. We globally offer a style-conscious concept for spaces and invite you to forget about normalcy. pols potten adds spice!

Date: June 2019 – Oct. 2019
Client: Pols Potten
Role: Digital Producer / Videographer
Location: Aalsmeer

Responsible for developing/producing a set of fresh/new (digital) marketing campaigns. To be precise; My goal was to come up with a creative plan to reinvent their brand and portray Pols Potten in a unique, funny and intelligent way.

In total we produced 10 marketing videos for the Maison and Objet Fair 2019 in Paris.