Desperados Rebranding 2020

Desperados is a tequila-flavoured pale lager beer with 5.9% alcohol by volume originally created and produced by the French brewing company Fischer Brewery, now produced by Heineken in the Karlovačko Brewery. The beer is now sold in over fifty countries.

We Are Pi is an independent creative company based in Amsterdam. 

Date: June 2019 – Ongoing
Client: We Are Pi & Desperados
Role: Art Director & (3D) Motion Designer
Location: Amsterdam

Brought in-house by the creative studio ‘We Are Pi’ as a 2D/3D Motion Designer, working on their Desperados cases.

Our aim was to create a set of high quality advertising videos that is in line with the marketing strategy for Desperados in 2020-2021. Together we ensured that the created concepts were flawlessly translated into various channels such as email, display, social, push, in-app (mobile-first) in various content forms such as image, sound and video; 

Project details online somewhere 2020-2021

R&D concepts can be seen below.