Desperados x We Are The Party

Creative Media Assets for an international beer brand

We Are Pi asked our input for visually restyling a new era for the Desperados brand. How could Desperados take on a new skin? What promotional elements and designs would lift the brand to a higher level? (5)

Brought in-house by the creative studio ‘We Are Pi’ as a 2D/3D Motion Designer, working on their Desperados cases.

Our aim was to create a set of high quality advertising videos that is in line with the marketing strategy for Desperados in 2020-2021. Together we ensured that the created concepts were flawlessly translated into various channels such as email, display, social, push, in-app (mobile-first) in various content forms such as image, sound and video; 

Project details online somewhere 2020-2021

R&D concepts can be seen below.