Rolex 3D Motion Experience

Behind the Rolex crown is a way of thinking about our place in the world and an aspiration to contribute. We call this perpetual spirit. 

It is based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, in continuous improvement and lasting excellence, in always pushing the boundaries and taking the long-term view. Our watches are built to last. So is our contribution to future generations.

Date: 2018 – 2019
Client: Rolex
Role: Creative Producer / 3D Designer
Location: Amsterdam

My responsibility was to create stills and high quality advertising videos that are in line with the marketing strategy for Rolex in 2018 | 2019. Mostly done by converting static key-art into engaging motion assets.

In addition, I solely created a new digital advertising video that were displayed in their stores world-wide. The task I had was to find a new way in portraying Rolex Daytona watch using a still 3D render. Application LED screens, In Store advertisement.